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OCI Vacuum Microengineering

LEED and AES Spectrometer


The LEED and AES systems produced by OCI excel by:


- Modular design: CF63, CF100, CF150 flanges, shutter, retraction mechanism, AES option


broad application field: insulators, semiconductors, metals, SAM surfaces


- High-end performance: Highly brilliant miniature electron gun, mesh design with 0.2% energy resolution, MCP and Delay Line Detector technology


- High-end comfort: Digital programmable USB control electronics LEED-image analyis system (14 bit CCD camera, analysis software for automatic I-V, I-t and spotprofile analysis)   


  • LEED - Auger spectrometers: Models BDL800HR & BDL600HR
  • LEED - AES with gain power of Microchannel Plates - Models BDL800IR-MCP & BDL600IR-MCP
  • mini-LEED with Integral Shutter - Model BDL450
  • Fempto-LEED with Integral Shutter - Model DLD-L800-ISH
  • Electron Guns: model IG10
  • Ion Sputtering Gun: model IG35 & IG70
  • Auger Depth Profiling Mini - System: model ADP2000
  • Digital Raster Scan - Model DRS-100
  • Digital LEED-AES Controllers - Models LPS075-D & LPS300-D & LOA10-AES
  • Digital Ion Sputter Gun Controller IPS3-D



LEED and Auger electron spectroscopy on insulators, semiconductors, metals and SAM surfaces














LEED/AES Controller
Auger Software
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